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New Brand Launch: MB Venture Partners

MB Ventures
MB Venture Partners
Whippet Creative developed a new brand identity logo and new website featuring a javascript photo slideshow, sortable client portfolio and interactive contact forms to help potential customers communicate easily.

MB Venture Partners is a Memphis, Tennessee venture capital firm that provides equity capital and strategic direction to life sciences companies. The Firm invests in medical device and biotechnology companies at all stages of development.
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New Website Launch: Evergreen Yoga Memphis

Evergreen Yoga Memphis
Evergreen Yoga Center is a center for yoga and well-being in Midtown Memphis offering yoga classes and therapeutic massage. Whippet Creative developed their website to balance form and functionality with a relaxed and user friendly, modern design.

Evergreen Yoga Center' now has a mobile responsive website that engages the community with an online signup, latest news, and blog. Yoga classes, massage sessions and gift certificates can be purchased online. The website is fully manageable through a content management system allowing updates to class schedules, class descriptions, and photo galleries.

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New Logo Design: Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence

Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence
We’d like to thank the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence for the opportunity to develop their new brand identity. The Alliance equips nonprofit leaders with the skills and abilities to make an effective difference in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Client Spotlight: Lead Dog Video

Lead Dog Video Production Memphis
s an owner of Scottish Terriers, Joe Larkins, former Channel 3 News Anchor, and purveyor of video production company Lead Dog Video, wanted to re-image his brand with a new logo. So Whippet Creative whipped up a new logo with an updated Scottie dog featuring a new high-tech look befitting the state-of-the-art video work produced by his company. We also updated his website, business cards and stationery with the new logo to round out the branding. Word from Larkins has it that the new logo is "cool and hip". Just goes to show that a good logo can keep your brand at the front of the pack.


Happy Holidays from Whippet Creative!

Memphis Web Development & Internet Marketing
As we take some time off to be with our families, we hope you will have a wonderful Holiday season and enjoy some time with your loved ones, also.

Let Your Insurance Go to the Dogs

Fields Insurance Memphis
ne a fun note, Whippet Creative recently created some magnets for Michael Fields Insurance featuring his two adorable dogs Karson and Wallace...you gotta love it when people feature their pets in their marketing!

Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference Celebrates 10 Years

Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference
hippet Creative is proud to partner with the Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference for the past ten years. Our projects include website development, email marketing, promotional and conference print collateral.

The MNVC is an annual conference bringing together surgeons, medical device companies, researchers and venture capitalists from around the globe to develop ways to promote the latest technological advances in the field of musculoskeletal disease.


What's Up with Websites & Mobile Devices?

Mobile Site Development Memphis
ow many times have you surfed the web on you iPhone, iPad or Android and ran into a website that just won't render correctly. Although this problem is becoming less common, it still happens.

You may also notice that many websites do actually render on a mobile device, but the website you see may not be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. For instance, you see the entire website, but you have to incessantly scroll around in order to access all of the navigation. There is a way around this...it's developing a mobile site that is built specifically to be viewed on mobile devices.
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Dig Our Latest Website Development

Sandra Nichols Landscaping Nashville, TN
ig our newest website development for Sandra Nichols Landscaping, Inc. located in Brentwood, TN. SNL, Inc. has been creating gorgeous and practical landscapes since 1992. If you're in the Nashville area, let Sandra work her magic on your yard.

New Logo Design: American Whippet National Championship

American Whippet Club National Specialty
hippet Creative is pleased to announce the new logo design for the 2013 American Whippet Club's National Specialty. Think of Westminster Dog Show for Whippets. Next year's Specialty will be held in Eugene, Oregon and will feature hundreds of whippets and their handlers. Whippet Creative was honored to design a new logo that represents the upscale image of great northwest's wine country and the whippet breed.

Even Your Website Needs a Checkup

Memphis Web Design Whippet Creative
ebsites, just like people, need a yearly checkup. Not because they're necessarily sick, but because they may contain content that's not up-to-date. Think about it, when was the last time you actually went through your website page-by-page and really took the time to see if there's information that needs changing, for instance:
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New Website Launch: Worldwide Modular

Worldwide Modular Miami, Florida
hippet Creative is excited to introduce a newly developed website for Worldwide Modular. Gary Goldman, CEO, developed a revolutionary new way to build affordable site-ready housing that's both hurricane and earthquake resistant. The concept is actually based on a simple and elegant principle: a wine rack! By first building an exoskeleton (the wine rack), finished pre-fabricated units are slid into place (the wine bottle) to complete the structure. The process is extremely efficient and has no height limitations. And on top of that, the pre-fab living units fit into a standard sized cargo container which can be easily shipped worldwide. Fetch More...

My New Year's Resolution: Eat Better... and Feature New Websites

Evergreen Advanced Bodywork website development by Whippet Creative
ere we go again. It's the start of a New Year and I'm thinking of how I can be a better person: healthier, more efficient, better looking (probably already too late for that!).

But to heck with all of that...what I really want to do is tell everyone about a new website Whippet Creative just launched for Evergreen Advanced Body Work! The new site supports Lorrie Garcia's passion for providing therapeutic massage, including Myofacial Release, for anyone needing relief from pain, or those who just want to feel better.
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Ready. Set. Cyber Monday!

Whippet Creative web development memphis
yber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday. It's also the first Monday after Thanksgiving, and the biggest online retail day of the year. So, what should you do to make sure your website can handle all of the orders on this most auspicious day? Fetch More...

Who is the "Force" behind your Email Marketing?

When I hear an ad on the radio from one of the more "popular" email marketing companies that says, "We have easy-to-use online email templates," I just roll my eyes and think, "yeah, those email templates might be easy, if you have the right support to help you make them look good" -- which they don't.

The reason I say this, is that a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I actually opened up an account with one of the "popular" email marketing companies promising easy-to-use templates and everything that goes along with it, only to find that their template structure was confusing and hard to make look good. I felt like I had to use the "Force" just to navigate through the instructions. And on top of that, I could never just pick up the phone and call a real person to answer my questions. Fetch More...