Who is the "Force" behind your Email Marketing? | email marketing, custom email templates, eNewsletters

Who is the "Force" behind your Email Marketing?

When I hear an ad on the radio from one of the more "popular" email marketing companies that says, "We have easy-to-use online email templates," I just roll my eyes and think, "yeah, those email templates might be easy, if you have the right support to help you make them look good" -- which they don't.

The reason I say this, is that a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I actually opened up an account with one of the "popular" email marketing companies promising easy-to-use templates and everything that goes along with it, only to find that their template structure was confusing and hard to make look good. I felt like I had to use the "Force" just to navigate through the instructions. And on top of that, I could never just pick up the phone and call a real person to answer my questions.

It was right then and there, Whippet Creative decided to develop our own email marketing company, which we call MailSpeek. One thing that sets us apart is that we design custom email templates for each customer making them personalized and easy to use. We also offer a turnkey solution where we produce custom e-newsletters for clients, including, writing articles, design, layout, programming and distribution. And we can set up your account to give you access to all the tracking statistics. Plus, we you can actually call us and speak with a real person if you have questions or problems.

So, if your company is considering an e-newsletter or other email news campaign, you should take a look at MailSpeek. We're local, we're not too big to provide personal service, and we're definitely not cookie cutter when it comes to layout, design & programming. Contact us today for a free email consultation and let us be the "Force" behind your email marketing.