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New Brand Launch: MB Venture Partners

MB Ventures
MB Venture Partners
Whippet Creative developed a new brand identity logo and new website featuring a javascript photo slideshow, sortable client portfolio and interactive contact forms to help potential customers communicate easily.

MB Venture Partners is a Memphis, Tennessee venture capital firm that provides equity capital and strategic direction to life sciences companies. The Firm invests in medical device and biotechnology companies at all stages of development.
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New Logo Design: Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence

Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence
We’d like to thank the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence for the opportunity to develop their new brand identity. The Alliance equips nonprofit leaders with the skills and abilities to make an effective difference in Memphis and the Mid-South.

Client Spotlight: Lead Dog Video

Lead Dog Video Production Memphis
s an owner of Scottish Terriers, Joe Larkins, former Channel 3 News Anchor, and purveyor of video production company Lead Dog Video, wanted to re-image his brand with a new logo. So Whippet Creative whipped up a new logo with an updated Scottie dog featuring a new high-tech look befitting the state-of-the-art video work produced by his company. We also updated his website, business cards and stationery with the new logo to round out the branding. Word from Larkins has it that the new logo is "cool and hip". Just goes to show that a good logo can keep your brand at the front of the pack.


What's Up with Websites & Mobile Devices?

Mobile Site Development Memphis
ow many times have you surfed the web on you iPhone, iPad or Android and ran into a website that just won't render correctly. Although this problem is becoming less common, it still happens.

You may also notice that many websites do actually render on a mobile device, but the website you see may not be optimized for viewing on mobile devices. For instance, you see the entire website, but you have to incessantly scroll around in order to access all of the navigation. There is a way around this...it's developing a mobile site that is built specifically to be viewed on mobile devices.
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