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New Website Launch: Worldwide Modular

Worldwide Modular Miami, Florida
hippet Creative is excited to introduce a newly developed website for Worldwide Modular. Gary Goldman, CEO, developed a revolutionary new way to build affordable site-ready housing that's both hurricane and earthquake resistant. The concept is actually based on a simple and elegant principle: a wine rack! By first building an exoskeleton (the wine rack), finished pre-fabricated units are slid into place (the wine bottle) to complete the structure. The process is extremely efficient and has no height limitations. And on top of that, the pre-fab living units fit into a standard sized cargo container which can be easily shipped worldwide.

Worldwide Modular
hen Goldman approached us about developing a website for Worldwide Modular, he stressed simplicity for every page and link. We began the process by developing a new logo representing stylized W and M — keeping with the simplicity theme. Throughout the site, photos and renderings tell the story with a minimum amount of copy. A Content Management System was also integrated, along with statistical tracking and a contact form with auto-reply.

Goldman's modular design has already begun to generate a buzz within construction community. Whippet Creative is happy to be a part of the revolution. Let us help you start your own revolution with a custom brand and new website.