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Even Your Website Needs a Checkup

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ebsites, just like people, need a yearly checkup. Not because they're necessarily sick, but because they may contain content that's not up-to-date. Think about it, when was the last time you actually went through your website page-by-page and really took the time to see if there's information that needs changing, for instance:
  • Has your contact information changed?
  • Does your staff page include old photos or employees that don't work for you anymore?
  • Are there typos throughout the site that were never caught in the copy writing process?
  • Is your business being misrepresented by the lack of detail on your services page?
  • Are you linking out to other pages on the web that aren’t live anymore?
Unless you or someone else has time to monitor your company's website 24/7, there's probably some information that needs to be updated, changed or even deleted. The great thing about websites as opposed to printed materials, is that its easy and quick to update. So, the next time you schedule a doctors appointment for your own personal checkup, call Whippet Creative and schedule an appointment a checkup for your website, too.