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Who shows up at your Social Media party?

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Social Media is like sending out invitations to a party. You or your business post "invitations" for the world to see on Facebook and Twitter asking people to join the conversation, yet no one shows up. Why?

Think of it this way. When you go to someone's party, what do you usually talk about? Most of us talk about pleasantries, work, sports, or just about anything that's interesting and the conversation develops naturally. Conversations are rarely if ever forced. And when attending a party, you never show up and start "selling" your company's products or services. If you did, chances are you won't be invited back to attend another party anytime soon. That goes for other folks at the party who witness your rude behavior.
However, if you observe the proper etiquette and make friends at this party, the next time you send out an invitation, you'll be rewarded with good conversation and the opportunity to make even more friends. And viola! Your business grows as a result.

For business, Social Media is a powerful tool that engages customers and potential customers instantly with instant feedback. These person-to-person interactions are often a make or break proposition. If executed correctly, Social Media can enhance a customer's experience like no other medium. Handled badly, and you run the risk of alienating a customer for life.

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