Pizza has a shelf life, and so does your Website | website design, search engine optimization

Pizza has a shelf life, and so does your Website

One of the questions Whippet Creative is asked most often is: "how often should I redesign my website"? Although there is no one hard and fast rule, the best answer often is: "when it becomes stale and out of date".

As tempting as the cold pizza left in your fridge is to eat, after a certain period of time the crust gets hard, the pepperonis turn color, and the cheese starts to smell like an old gym shoe. This is a good analogy for a website. When new, your site is hot, juicy, and made up of the freshest content and programming available. But as time passes it can become stale, lose effectiveness and become unappetizing to visitors.

As a rule of thumb, a website's shelf life is a few years. Not only can the content and design language become stale, but advances in web technology can quickly make your website design obsolete. It's not inconceivable to cut this timeframe in half as the introduction of new and better web browsers offer more advanced search engine opportunities.

If your website isn't fresh and producing the results you want, let us help. We specialize in website design and development in Memphis and the mid-south...and beyond. We're always happy to provide a free 1-hour website assessment. Especially if you're serving pizza!